Four modules are required for Initial Driver CPC

Initial Driver CPC

PCV Drivers

If you have already got a Category D1 or D on your driving licence that allows you to drive for “Hire or Reward” then you will already have this qualification under “Grandfathers Rights”, however you will still need to do your periodic training.

If you have not yet passed your test for Categories D1 or D then you will need to pass the 4 modules below to be able to drive commercially.

LGV Drivers

If you are a new driver taking a test in either Category C1 or C after the 10th September 2009 you will need to pass all 4 modules below to be able to drive commercially.  All drivers that already hold these licences will have this qualifiaction under “Grandfathers Rights”, however you will still need to do your periodic training.

To become a driver and successfully gain the INITIAL DRIVER CPC a new driver must pass the following 4 modules:

  • Theory and Hazard Awareness test.
  • Case study questions and answers.
  • Practical Driving Test.
  • Practical Demonstration Test. The candidate will be asked questions about certain topics such as load restraints and asked to demonstrate their knowledge e.g. using a ratchet strap you must show the examiner how it works and how they would use it to secure a load.


Case Study DSA Video
LGV Module 4 DSA Video
PCV Module 4 DSA Video


We can provide all the training and material to make gaining your initial Driver CPC as easy and cost effective as possible.

Starter Pack

Why not start with one of our starter packs which includes:

  1. Medical
  2. Online Theory training with mock tests for the multiple choice, hazard perception and module 2 case study tests
  3. Theory Test
  4. Hazard Perception Test
  5. Module 2 Case Study Test
  6. Driving Assessment (1.5 hour assessment drive with us to see what the best length of course is for you and consultation with an instructor)
  7. All the above is arranged by ourselves leaving you to concentrate on your training amd successfully passing your tests.

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Module 4 Training + Test

We provide a 4-hour Module 4 training course including a training manual covering all the aspects of the test. £100 + VAT

Module 4 Practical Demonstration Test including vehicle hire and 1 hour warm-up before test. £155 + VAT